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You May Substitute A Soft Taco - Add $.50 | Substitute Salsa For Cheese Sauce - Add $1.25 | No Substitutions In Any Other Order!
Shredded Chicken Cooked With Bell Pepper, Onions & Tomatoes. | Ground Beef Cooked With Tomatoes & Onions.
All Combinations Are Served With Rice & Your Choice Of Pinto Beans Or Mexi Beans.
Make It Supreme - Lettuce, Sour Cream & Tomatoes - $1.45 | Add Cheese Sauce - $1.50 Extra
Create Your Own Combo - Pick Two Combo - $8.45

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Poblano Pepper
Poblano pepper stuffed with premium cheese, mashed potatoes and topped with our special sauce.
Plus Choice of Chicken or Beef For $.75 More!

A flour tortilla filled with cheese and your choice of chicken, beef or beans.

Flour tortilla rolled around ground beef or beans.

Flat corn tortillas with beans sprinkled with cheese, topped with lettuce and guacamole.

Tortilla rolled around seasoned fillings, topped with sauce and cheese.

Flat crisp tortilla, topped with meat, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese.

Seasoned beef or chicken in a crispy taco shell topped with shredded cheese and lettuce.

Savory pork fillings steamed in a corn meal casing.

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